Housekeeping inspired service, from your domestic cleaner.

Fresh linens. Groceries. Home & Lifestyle Essentials.
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A new home cleaning experience. Imagine the little extras that would save you time. Fresh flowers on your kitchen table; a fridge refilled from a local farm shop; toiletries & household essentials that never run out.

And all of it from the best of the local shops that you know and specialist food suppliers that we think you'll love.

It's what we wanted from our cleaner.
So we started hometime.
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A new way to shop local. Modern work & life schedules have forced our shopping habits to change. The big shop is out. Convenient post-work shopping and online are in.

But buying local, real food, that supports community spirited independents, makers & growers can be hard. Maybe they close before you finish work; deliver only when you're at work; or are too small to sell online. Hometime changes everything.
More hometime to love. The hometime web app makes it easy to order online from great local shops near you for delivery by your cleaner.

And because we work with boutique, craft suppliers, you get to choose from the very best in quality & freshness.

For everyday essentials & family favourites your cleaner can keep a check on stock and reorder just in time when you're running low.
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Cleaners. Delight & engage. hometime provides a unique opportunity to add a premium offer to your cleaning services; to release additional revenue and loyalty from your existing clients; and to tempt new ones to join.

As a trusted key-holder the domestic cleaner is central to our mission for a better way to buy local. This is about the little extras to elevate your service offer and enhance each cleaning experience.

In partnership with premium suppliers & craft makers you'll be providing a rare combination of pleasure and convenience, saving your clients time and effort. Clean. Delight. Repeat.
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Curator. Grower. Artisan maker. We know the challenge. There's the hip farms, the big-brand groceries & the meal-kit startups. These are the ones with the centralised warehouse; the ones that bypass the local supply chain. And we know it's difficult to counter a same day or free delivery offer when working on a targeted, regional scale.

But the consumer expectation of super quick delivery with curated, frictionless ecommerce has already been set.

hometime offers a unique solution to the final mile delivery problem with a premium managed delivery & marketing channel, direct to your customers' homes. In the UK 2.5 million households employ a domestic cleaner - with 64% having someone every week. As a trusted keyholder the domestic cleaner is perfectly placed to help you share your story & deliver your products.

Join us. Get in touch at hello@hometime.co hometime are based in Sheffield and we're building our first network of cleaners & suppliers in this region.

To learn more about the hometime story, wherever you are, please get in touch.

If you would like your cleaner to join hometime please mention us to your cleaner or drop us an email with their details.
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